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Friday, July 1, 2016

June, where did you go?

It's July. Already. Seriously, how is it possible that we're already starting July when I swear it was just January? I'm halfway through Summer break from work and moving closer and closer to baby day. Suddenly the realization has hit me that we've got so much stuff to do to get ready for Little One's arrival in September and only 11 weeks to do it all. It's weird how 11 weeks sounds like both a long time and no time at all - according to some people, these last couple of months will fly by and baby will be here before I know it. And others say the opposite - the last months drag on and given that it's Summer, they will be miserable. We'll see which category I fall into, but without a doubt so far time has been flying by.

The month of June has been full of a little bit of everything for me. Some of my days were spent being productive - cleaning, organizing, giving into the nesting instinct to get things ready around here. Other days were spent lounging around - resting, relishing the ability to do absolutely nothing, and of course, spending tons of time with Izzy. Weekends have been mixed with social gatherings and days for just me and Adam. Some days I spend hours outside, walking Izzy, sitting on my deck, whatever gets me fresh air and sunshine. Other days I avoid the heat by staying in my nice air conditioned house. Balance is my goal, one that I have especially embraced during this pregnancy.

July will be a month full of preparing baby's room, enjoying more lazy summer days and making sure that I have as much taken care of as I can before work starts back up in August. My current goal is to get the room painted so that we can start moving things in and setting everything up. Is it weird that I'm actually jealous that I can't do the painting myself? Because I really am. Once the room is painted, I've got a bookshelf that also needs a new paint job and then we're all set to start getting ready. I think having the room done will really make the reality sink in that this is really happening! Because, you know, tests, doctors appointments, ultrasounds and baby kicks haven't already made that sink it. But honestly, actually seeing it all set up and ready for Little One will make it that much more real.

I'm excited to see what this month brings. More summer fun, more changes and an ever growing baby belly for certain. We'll see what else July has in store for us! 

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