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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Preparing for Baby | Our Parenting Style

our parenting style
In just about two months, my husband and I are going to be in for a big change. Every choice that we make is going to affect the life of a person who is reliant completely on us. There are so many choices. What diapers do we use? Breastfeeding or formula? Will the baby sleep in our room or in their own? Swings. Bouncers. Carriers. Homemade baby food or store bought? That's the short list and those are just the things.

That's not even accounting for the big things. The personal things. Do we pick up baby whenever he/she cries or do we give a few minutes for them to try to self soothe? Are we going to be the "don't touch that, here use all of the sanitizer" parents or are we on the side of "a little dirt never hurt"? What about when this little one grows and needs discipline? Do we do time outs? Take away toys? Ground them? Spank them? Seriously. The list of things that we'll have to decide on eventually seems to grow bigger everyday.

And honestly, I don't have a single answer. I don't have a plan. Kind of like my lack of birth plan, I am of the mindset that these are choices that will come in time. I could choose a type of diaper now and find that it doesn't work for us. We could say that we're going to allow self soothing and then never actually follow through because we just don't have it in us. We could say what we would or wouldn't do in certain situations, but you know what? We'll never actually know until we're there in the moment. And I think that's ok.

I have faith in us. 

I believe that both of us were raised in relatively similar ways and I think that both sets of parents did great jobs raising their children - and I believe that we'll be able to use what we've learned from them. I trust that, while there will surely be moments that we have different ideas on how to handle something, we'll figure it out together and we'll make the choices that are best for us and our family.

Mostly, I believe that no amount of planning or swearing that we'll do this or will never do that is going to actually help us. I could sit here and type out my answers to every choice that you throw at me, but life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect them.

So our "plan" is to have a general idea of how we'd like to do things and an understanding that it's possible that none of those things will go how we expected them to.

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  1. I usually don't visit posts that I can't relate to but I love babies so why not? Congrats on the new arrival. All you really need to do to be a good parent is love your child.

    Miss F♥ (

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. When you are a first time parent you hold so many expectations for yourself, but the best thing to do is just go with your gut. My best advice is don't put pressure on yourself. Your instincts will kick in almost instantly. Congratulations on your little joy! xo

    1. My only real goal is to have a well loved and well taken care of little one. I know we'll make mistakes and probably change our minds on how to handle things, so I'm not setting too many expectations on myself for how we'll handle things. We'll know when the time comes!

      Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. I agree, the best thing you can do is to be yourselves and just do whatever feels right at the time! Congratulations by the way!
    Aleeha xXx