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Friday, July 22, 2016

TGIF | Five Ways to Stay Cool During a Summer Pregnancy

It's hot. Like - H O T - hot. I am a huge fan of heat and Summertime, but when it's 80 degrees when I wake up in the morning, it's too much. And even though I still haven't hit the miserable stage of pregnancy yet (fingers crossed that I keep being able to say that), it's still way too much for my pregnant body to handle. Baby doesn't enjoy being hot. Izzy doesn't enjoy being hot. So we've been avoiding the heat and doing all we can to stay cool this week.

I walked out to the mailbox yesterday and almost melted. That's how you know it's too hot. 

And so in the spirit of staying cool and keeping Baby safe and happy, I thought I'd share my favorite tips for not melting when it's a bazillion degrees outside. 
five ways to stay cool during a summer pregnancy
1. Water, water, water; I can't stress this one enough. Water, especially when you're pregnant and double especially when it's hot. Keep a glass or bottle of ice water with you at all times. If plain water isn't your favorite, add in some fresh fruit to give it some flavor.

2. Watermelon; This is has been one of my few cravings, so it's easy for me to get in lots of watermelon. It's cool, tasty and it keeps you hydrated. I've also heard that it helps with swelling, which can definitely happen to us preggo ladies in the heat. Other juicy, cool fruit are also great to help you stay cool - I love frozen grapes as a snack. But watermelon really gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to dealing with the heat during pregnancy.

3. Air conditioning; Spend as much time as you can in the air conditioning. Don't have AC at home? Find a friend who does. Go to the library. Head to the mall. Find somewhere that is nice and cool to give yourself a break from the heat.

4. Swim; I wish I had a pool. Swimming is amazing for pregnancy. It's great, easy exercise. It can give your body a break from the strain of carrying around that little one all day. And it keeps you cool. Just make sure you wear lots of sunscreen and reapply often. And keep that ice water close by for drinking.

5. Avoid the heat; Completely avoiding leaving the house isn't really possible, even for someone like me, who is off work in the Summer. I have doctors appointments, a dog who enjoys our walks and quite honestly, I'd go stir crazy if I spent every single day avoiding the outside all together. If possible, avoid going outside on the dangerously hot days. But if you must go out, try to go earlier in the morning before the heat really sets in, or later in the evening when it starts to cool back off.

Days like we've had yesterday and today, Izzy and I skip our walk and I stay home if I don't have an appointment. When the heat index is in the 80s by 8am, it's best to just avoid it all together.

What are your favorite ways to stay cool?

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  1. Fantastic tips! I was in my third trimester during the hottest part of the summer and I wish I had had a pool! Hopefully next time :)

    1. I desperately wish I had a pool. Or even a friend who would let me use theirs!