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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


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Almost three years ago, my life became a little more full and a whole lot happier. I never had a dog growing up. My mom is very allergic to dogs and slightly allergic to cats. I am the exact opposite - my throat starts to itch at the though of cats while only certain breeds of dogs bother my allergies. But either way - no real pets for us. And I always felt like I was missing out.
The first photo I ever saw of Izzy - posted on the shelter's Facebook page
Then one day, just a few months after moving in with Adam, I saw a picture on our local animal shelter's Facebook page and I fell in love. I can't even explain the feeling that came over me. I just knew that she had to be mine. Although that's not very fitting. I am 100% hers. She is spoiled and loved and the best friend that a girl could ever dream of. She is the best at snuggling, the one who comforts me when I am upset and the one who makes me laugh when I need it most. She has me wrapped around her little paws. And I know without a doubt that she's going to be the very best big sister when our baby arrives.
Her first day home - she snuggled me as soon as she finished exploring.
Today, this beautiful little girl turns four years old. Four years on this Earth and almost three years in my life - I am grateful each and every single day for her existence and for the fact that we managed to find each other.
Happy birthday, Isabelle! Mommy and Daddy love you the very most!

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