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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dear Jaxon | Two Months Old

Dear Jaxon,

Today, you're two months old. That sentence was difficult for me to write. I have watched children that I love and care about grow up and always known that it happens too quickly, but watching you has amazed me. You are a little bigger and a little different each and every single day. One half of me loves seeing you learn new things and get stronger and smarter and more curious about the world around you. I love that you laugh and smile and talk with me every morning. I love the way that you watch Izzy as she circles around you, always making sure that she can see you. I love the way you light up everyday when your dad gets home from work. Every new thing you discover that you can do leaves me proud and ecstatic.
The other half of me, however, is just a little bit sad at how quickly these changes have come. I look at pictures of you from just a few weeks ago and the difference is astounding. Facial expressions that you made in your first week of life are no longer making their appearance, replaced by something new. I'm a matter of weeks away from having to pack up your three month size clothes because they're starting to get tighter on you and you're about to go up a size in diapers. You eat through five ounces of formula like it's your job (which, you know, it kind of is) and I have a feeling that you'll soon be eating that sixth ounce by this time next month. Maybe even sooner. No amount of child care experience, no amount of reading and researching, nothing could have prepared me for how fast these changes come.

Of course, all of these things are good changes. You're smart and healthy and strong. You are the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on, and I am totally not just saying that because I'm your mom. It's true. You are sleeping for eight hours at night and even though you never left me truly, horribly sleep deprived, eight hours of straight sleep is a whole lot better than three hour stretches. You really are everything I could have dreamed of and more. Daddy and I consider ourselves to be the luckiest parents in the world.

I hope that as you grow and change and learn, you always know how much we love you. I hope you know that with each new thing that you do, we are proud of you and to us, you will always be the greatest boy in all of the world. Even when you don't light up when you see us, as if we're the best things you've ever seen. Even when we're driving you crazy and you're doing the same for us. Even when you're grown and don't need us the way you do right now, there will never come a day when we don't love you with all of our hearts. You are our world, my little love.

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