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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Ornament Tradition

I don't know about you, but I am an absolute sucker for traditions. And I feel like this time of year, I have more of them that I hold close to my heart than any other season. From putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving to the movies I have to watch to staying in my pajamas on Christmas day and many more in between, it's just a season for tradition.
But my favorite Christmas tradition rarely actually takes place during the Christmas season. It started back in September of 2011. My husband and I had been dating for six months and we took a day trip to Galena, Illinois and spent the day walking around to all of the little shops and having lunch and being adorably in love. As you do when you're celebrating your six month anniversary, of course. At one of the shops, they had Christmas ornaments with names on them and we happened to find both of our names. Adam's name is easy to find, but finding my name spelled right isn't always easy. So we bought them.
At some point either that Christmas or the following year, we bought similar ornaments at a dollar store. But at this point, it still wasn't something intentional. Just a coincidence that they had our names again.
It wasn't until three years later, on our honeymoon in October of 2014 that it had become a habit. When we went somewhere new together, it had just become my first instinct to look for a special ornament to add to our tree. On that trip, we came home with three. A sand dollar with Santa on a surfboard to remember the town we were staying in. Santa on a rocket ship from the Kennedy Space Center. And a bride & groom Minnie & Mickey mouse sitting in a wedding ring - to celebrate both our newly married status and, of course, Disney World! It was on that trip that it became a cemented tradition.
The following year, for our one year wedding anniversary, we went back to Galena and picked out a sparkly red heart with a lock and key.
This year, our newest addition is my favorite one yet. Over the weekend, we took a trip to Williams Tree Farm, our first time there, so that Jaxon could visit Santa. Unlike at the mall, we can take our own pictures for free! While there, I knew we had to pick out an ornament. We found a little blue onesie ornament that says "Baby's First Christmas" and it is absolutely perfect. It celebrates a lot of firsts. Our first trip to the tree farm, Jax's first time seeing Santa, and his first Christmas. It is the best addition to our tree and to our tradition!

What is your favorite tradition?

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