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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dear Jaxon | Five Months

Dear Jaxon,

I missed writing you a letter when you turned four months old. With the chaos of trying to get down our new routine of mommy going to work along with the normal craziness that comes with having a four month old, the time just got away from me. There are photos, of course, and a Facebook post updating friends and family on your growth. But no letter.
So let's talk about now. You're five months. In just a matter of weeks, you will be half a year old and I am blown away by the thought of that. I don't understand how it happened. You were born yesterday, I swear you were. Someday, when you're turning 20, I will say the same thing. Trust me when I tell you that it's true.. watching your child grow really does happen way too fast. I felt my own life pass both at snail pace and in the blink of an eye, but it has been nothing compared to watching you.
It amazes me how smart and strong you are. I know, every parent says that about their kids. But it's true. I look at where you're "supposed" to be at this age and then look at where you actually are and it's astounding. You are a month or more ahead of schedule with just about everything. Except for those teeth... you've been trying to pop out a tooth or two for months now, but they just keep hiding! For your sake and my sanity, I do hope they show up soon so that we can have a little break... and a little sleep!
Aside from going back to waking up every four hours or so at night, you are still the easiest and happiest baby that I have ever seen. You just love everything! Every food you've tried so far, you gobble up without hesitation. You absolutely love spending time with your family. You light up every single day when I tell you that I'm taking you to grandma & grandpa's house. And you get just as excited when we see your other grandparents most weekends. You laugh at everything, especially your Izzy. And peek-a-boo.
You spend most of your time rolling on the floor and trying to master those hands of yours. You're also working hard at learning to sit up on your own. You can do it for longer and longer times everyday and it won't be long before you don't need me to catch you anymore.
I've been thinking a lot lately about just how fast you're growing. Someday soon, I will pick you up out of your bouncer and won't realize it, but it will be the last time. The same goes for your swing, which we almost never use anymore. We're also working on letting you sleep in your own room. You're easy as can be - you'll fall asleep anywhere. But Mommy misses you and is also just plain tired, so it's been a slow transition.

There has never been anything or anyone in this world that I love more than I love you. You are the very best little boy in the world and I love you with all of my heart. As much as I wish time could slow down, keep growing and exploring and learning my little bug.

Love you for always,
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