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Monday, March 27, 2017


Time is not kind. It goes way, WAY too quickly. Later this week, my sweet little baby boy will be six months old. He's learning so many new things constantly and I can barely keep up! I am frequently grateful for the invention of camera phones and social media, just so that I have things documented and can go back and remember when something happened. We really are so blessed to have the ability to capture things in a way that no generation before us was able to do. It's one of the best parts of having all of this technology at our fingertips.

I was especially grateful for these things last month. We lost my Grandma, who lived in Colorado. She never had the chance to meet Jaxon in person. But thanks to smart phones and social media, she still got to watch him grow up for the first months of his life. That is something that I will forever be thankful for. I'm sure I have friends on my Facebook and Instagram feeds who are thinking "we get it, you have a baby. Who cares?". But I will never apologize for sharing as often as I do. Because friends and family who don't get to watch my son grow up, who live too far away to be there for these moments - they care.

But with all of the good parts of technology, there's a definite downside to having everything you could possibly want right there in your hand. It's incredibly addictive and easy to get sucked into. I'm absolutely guilty of picking up my phone and scrolling through Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest without even thinking about it. Or I go to check the weather or my email and 30 minutes later, I realize that I forgot to do the thing I picked my phone up for in the first place. It's all too easy to do. I've always tried to put the phone in my pocket or purse when in a social setting... but there are plenty of occasions when I've been with a group of people and every single person is on their phones. And it makes me sad.

But nothing has forced me to pay attention to how often my phone is in my hand the way that having a child has. It's something I have been majorly focusing on lately - making sure that I am staying present in the moment. If I'm playing with Jaxon, my phone only comes out if I am taking a picture or video and then immediately gets put back down. Because these moments are fleeting. My boy is growing faster than I ever anticipated. I want to commit every little thing that I can to memory before he changes again. The facial expressions, the sounds, the movements - they all change so quickly. The things he did a few weeks ago are gone and replaced by something else now. I don't want to look back on this time and struggle to remember the look on his face when he is struggling to do something that next week, he will do without effort. The sounds he makes when he's excited and seeing something for the first time. I want to savor them all.

I also don't want HIS memories of me to always be of me with my phone in my hand. He may not remember these days, but breaking the habit now will ensure that when he starts making real memories, I won't have to try to break it then. And honestly, I don't want him to think that all entertainment comes from a phone or tablet either. I want him to explore the world around him. I want him to go outside and play and get dirty. TV, movies and video games are great and fun, but I don't want that to be all that he enjoys. There's so much to see and do in the world and I want him to discover it all! And that starts now, with what he sees the people around him doing.

So this is my promise - to myself and, more importantly, to my son. I can't promise that I'll never pick up my phone and check something or start to mindlessly scroll through. But I promise to do my absolutely best to be conscious about it. To spend more time playing and laughing and exploring with my little one than I do looking at a screen. I promise to lead by example. I promise to do all that I can to give us both memories of fun and adventure in the real world, not just in a game or television show. I promise to do my best.
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