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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


My dear, sweet, little bug,

You are eight whole months old now. You crawl around everywhere and are curious about everything that you see. You crawled so early (six months) and continue to amaze me with your abilities.You pull yourself up and walk around the furniture and I just feel that you'll be walking any minute now. You've been babbling non-stop for the last week and I think we're close to a "dada" or "mama" - currently it's all ba, goo and ga with more sounds every single day. You have three teeth with a fourth on it's way in! You love food - you still haven't met a food that you don't absolutely love. Now we're working on textures and foods that require a little more work for you, but that doesn't slow you down. You would probably eat all day long if you could.

But more than all of the statistics and developments, you are just my wonderful, silly, sweet boy. You love to hug, snuggle and give me raspberry kisses on my cheeks. You giggle all day long and are always so happy. You still haven't developed a fear of new people, but you are definitely most fond of Mommy, Daddy and your grandparents. I thank God every single day for how lucky we are to call you our son.

We've entered your first ever Summer season and I am so excited to take lots of adventures with you! Soon, you'll get to experience your first trips to the park, the pool, the beach and more. You love going for walks in your stroller and checking out everything around you, but aren't fond of sitting in the grass just yet! Perhaps when I take you outside with Izzy, you'll be motivated to chase after her - which is your absolute favorite thing to do! You love your furry best friend and she adores you back. I am so grateful for the bond that you two have.

Little boy, you have blessed our world and I cannot wait to continue watching you grow and change and become the little person that you're already becoming.

I love you to the moon, the stars and way beyond.
Love, Mommy
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